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    Anthony: Wetplate

    May 08

    Christophe at NYM was nice enough to send over Anthony to add to my portrait series, "Faces". We gave the tent camera a shot, but I think I need to retool the studio lighting for the aerial lenses...I need more light! I'm thinking another 2 packs...Read More

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    Absurde Magazine - May 2013

    May 05

    I'm very excited to have been included in Absurde Magazine's May issue with so many talented artists.

    Click the link below to see t...Read More

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    Out in the Woods

    April 29

    So this is Little Smokey's(Weed Tent Camera) first time out of the house. My buddy Rico Elvina and I decided to give it a try on location . There was a LOT of prep...we thought we had everything together...we got in our Zipcar Minivan, Shiloh, an...Read More

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    Giant Wet Plate Camera II

    March 30

    Well after a long time of dreaming, thought, planning, and dedication, I've finally got the Giant Wet Plate built and ready for use. It's been a lot of fun trying to make this project work out. It all started when I got the first piece of the pro...Read More

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    Wet Plate - Men's Day 1

    March 01

    Continuing on with the Wet Plate Portrait Project, "Faces". I had two great guys come over from Fusion Models. This is Caleb from Fusion Models. I looked at Cal...Read More

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    Behind the Scenes - Wet Plate

    March 01

    Ok, I've become a little obsessed. I guess when you go off into something new, it starts off small, but ends up becoming more than thought it would be when you started. It's frustrating, messy, complicated, fairly expensive, but OH, SO enjoyable ...Read More

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    Giant Wet Plate Camera

    January 17

    Here at the studio, things are about to get BIG!! I just picked up an aerial camera lens, which is a really huge lens. It weighs about 10 pounds and is 6 inches in diameter. That's what I was looking for as I needed the lens to throw off enough l...Read More

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    Fashion in Wet Plate Collodion

    December 28

    Hey there everyone, These images are the first in my attempt to shoot a fashion editorial in one day using the wet plate collodion process. The stylist(Fredo) and I got together and decided on a f...Read More

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    Wet Plate: Cat and Kerri

    October 11

    Along with the other work that Cat and Kerri did with me for myBlack Silk Nudesproject, we shot some wet plate that day as well. The first one, below...Read More

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    Wet Plate Nude - Abigayle

    September 10

    Hey everyone, Well, I finally got a chance to do the second nude in my series with a wonderful model, Abigayle. I had an idea, that as I have a 12 second exposure, why not use that time and do some creative blurring of fabric using the wind mach...Read More

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    Wetplate Nude - Eden

    August 02

    Now that I've got all the necessary materials, I can finally green light this project. I'm going to do a series of nudes on glass negatives and various metals, tin and aluminum. I'm really enjoying the process, but it's very strange ending up wit...Read More

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    Mis-Aventures in Collodion

    July 30

    So...let's just say that it doesn't always work out the way you want it to. Kind of a life-ism, possibly, but many times true in Wet Plate Photography. I was on vacation in upstate New York and had the chemistry on hand...had the camera in the ca...Read More

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    Rediscovering the Magic of Photography

    July 20

    [The group of us at John Coffer's Farm studying Wet Plate Photography. I'm on the left in the back...] I've been a professional p...Read More